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FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction!

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a new method in hair transplantation for extracting or harvesting donor hair. This modern method is very popular as a hair transplant procedure these days. The major reason for its popularity is the fear of cut/ incision in conventional FUT. In FUE the use of special diameter punches to make small, circular incisions around follicular (hair) unit, separating it from the surrounding tissue is attractive to the patient.
The follicle unit is then harvested direct from the scalp, leaving a small open hole that closes by itself without any marks.. There are no cut or sutures involved. The hair surgeon recreates tiny recipient site in the bald patch of the scalp or anywhere on body. The extracted grafts are then implanted into the created sites. After shedding phase of 3 months, they will grow into healthy hair-producing follicles.

The most important factor in FUE procedure is the harvesting of hair follicles. The wastage of grafts is rated higher if person has poor quality donor area. So don’t take FUE as a tailored fit solution for every person, you would need to evaluate your right candidacy for right technique in order to achieve best results. Obviously comfort matters but don’t compromise for your ultimate result and looks.

FUE is a 3 easy steps procedure.

1: Local Anesthesia:

In order to avoid any pain for the patient the donor area will be anesthetized locally. After the administration of local anesthesia through a special fine needle, numbness occurs in 3-5 minutes. During the whole FUE procedure the pain is imperceptible and often pain killers are not necessary after the procedure.

2: Harvesting of grafts:

After identification of permanent zone and marking, the donor area must be inflated with a special liquid. This allows easy extraction with viable hair follicles. Individual hair unit extraction demands skillful hands, as prevention of follicular transaction is very important in extraction. The instruments for harvesting are straight but hair follicles in donor scalp are not all straight. The wastage of grafts will be higher if the surgeon and technicians are inexperienced. Extensive harvesting is not an ideal approach, as it causes thinning in donor area.

3: Implantation of grafts:

Before placement of grafts hair transplant surgeon makes the sites. The extracted hair follicles are then implanted into the hairless area. These grafts exist in units of hair follicles and grow after 3 months resting phase. Creating recipient sites also require great skills as angle varies in different parts of the scalp, eyebrows and vertex.
There is no need for the patients to stay in the hospital. With a surgical hat, planting area and donor harvested area are covered till the patient reaches home.


Good Candidates for FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE hair transplant procedure is not ideal for people with weak donor hair. It can offer best results if you want to keep hair very short like armed forces cadets. Do not want any risk whatsoever for a linear scar.
Are looking for rapid healing after hair transplant procedure? Have very tight scalp that may make you a poor candidate for FUT.

Cocoona Center for Hair Transplantation brings a rich experience in FUE hair transplant and offers very natural FUE results with proper density.

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