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FUT Hair Transplant Procedure – Compare Hair Transplantation Methods

What is FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)?

An FUT, or follicular unit transplant, procedure is an effective hair loss treatment. This is a form of hair transplant procedure which aims to restore hair loss with transplanting follicles of donor hair in the recipient site.


The procedure requires the surgeon to extract hair follicles from donor areas (dense hair region) and transplant the harvested hair follicles into the recipient area (balding area) in a natural pattern. An FUT hair treatment is one of the most popular hair transplant procedures today.

When is FUT needed?

An FUT treatment is required to restore chronic hair loss. This is an effective hair transplant method which can be used to cover the balding regions of the scalp with your own hair which grows naturally in the transplanted region. The doctor will check the degree of hair loss and several other factors to decide if you need an FUT hair transplant.

The doctor will take into consideration your age, overall health status, etc to determine if you are fit to undergo an FUT hair transplant procedure.

How is an FUT Hair Transplant performed?

An FUT hair transplant is the conventional method of performing an effective hair transplant procedure to treat chronic hair loss.

cocoona-ht4This is a completely cosmetic surgery which aims to provide efficient hair restoration in the balding areas. The surgeon will usually begin by administering anesthesia to numb the scalp. This prevents pain or discomfort during the procedure. After the anesthesia has been given, the surgeon will begin removing hair follicles from the designated donor area. Hair follicles consist of 1-4 hairs. A complete follicular unit includes the oil glands, nerves, supporting muscle and sometimes the finer hair.

The surgeon uses a magnifying device to view the hair follicles to be extracted precisely. This helps the surgeon to steadily remove all potential hair follicles with accuracy and without damaging the surrounding hair follicles.

The next step involves making small incisions (1 mm) using microscopic punch. These circular incisions are then used by the surgeon to transplant the harvested donor hair follicles. The punch incisions are made in a pattern which follows the natural hair growth style.

What are the advantages of FUT Hair Transplant?

These are the excellent advantages that an FUT hair transplant procedure provides you:

  • Improved and better looking results of hair transplant
  • Natural-looking transplanted hair
  • Easy and efficient surgery
  • Minimal scarring
  • Faster recovery
  • Overall efficient hair transplant procedure


FUT hair transplant procedure is performed for thousands of patients in Dubai every month at the most reliable and popular hair transplant clinics in Dubai.

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