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FUT or FUE Hair Transplant, Which Method Suits to Your Hair Transplant?

Are you confused about FUT or FUE Hair Transplant, which method suits you? It depends entirely on donor site situation and the personal preferences of the patient which makes a method suitable and preferable for him. Hair transplant seekers often wonder which the best method for hair transplant. In fact, it all depends upon the situation. Some patients are suitable candidates for FUE while others for strip harvesting. So, you cannot nominate a method as superior and the other as inferior. Let’s see the scenarios which make a method more suitable than the other.

Strip harvesting is the Gold Standard Technique for hair transplant.

  • Surgeons prefer strip harvesting (FUT) for hair transplant when you:
  • do not have any disease or disorder that may cause excessive bleeding during or after surgery like hemophilia
  • have sufficient hair density on the back of the head to hide the linear scar that is formed due to excision of strip
  • wants more dense and natural outcome
  • can afford a recovery period of almost a week
  • want to spend less on your hair transplant

FUE is the best option for hair transplant when you:

  • do not want stitches on your scalp
  • want minimum bleeding
  • do not want a linear scar in the donor area
  • want minimum downtime and quick recovery
  • have enough skin laxity in the donor area
  • want to have a short hairstyle after hair transplant

It is a skilled hand (surgeon) that makes strip harvesting or FUE the best method for a hair transplant. When you go to a hair transplant surgeon he asks your concerns and expectations from the surgery. Considering your requirements and the condition of your scalp skin and donor hair availability he makes a decision either for FUE or strip removal.

In achieving great undetectable results, surgeon’s skill plays a vital role. Hair transplant surgeons who perform guaranteed and successful FUE or FUT are not easily available because even after decades of its invention there are still a few surgeons who are certified for its practice under International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. A surgeon who does not have hands on experience cannot produce natural result. Make sure that your surgeon has certifications and skills which allow him to practice both the methods.

The choice of the method should be in surgeon’s hands because he knows more about the surgery than you do. You should express your concerns and expectations but let the power for the final decision be with the surgeon.

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