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Gold Standard FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) in Dubai.

Hair loss is really big concern these days in both male and female. It’s not only an issue for men but a lot of women also suffering from these issues around the globe. Male hairline pattern and women hairline pattern are different from each other. The victims always try their best to treat this curse, they use many alternative treatments, however follicular unit transplant is the gold standard against hair loss and the results are so natural. The other important aspect is the fact that there is no maintenance of any kind after the hair transplants, you don’t need any extra care of these transplanted hair and  can use regular shampoo. Moreover you can cut, dye and make style as you need because the transplanted hair are your own normal hair.

The procedure of hair transplantation is a safe and very simple. There are different techniques used depending upon the desires of one’s, the area to be covered and nature of the donor site at the back of the head.

Follicular unit transplant or Strip harvesting has served for many years to restore hair on the bald area of one’s head and founded a gold standard technique for hair transplantation globally. World best hair transplant surgeons prefer this technique as offers healthy grafts for best results. A small layer of skin along with hair is removed from the back of the head performing this technique. The length and width of this strip depends upon the number of graft needed.

The open area is then closed by approximating the edges and using stitches. The grafts are then prepared from this hair bearing skin. Each graft has the roots or follicles of one to five hair. The grafts with one to two hairs are known as micro graft and the ones with three to five hairs are called mini grafts.

The bald area for hair transplants is then prepared by making small slits with a special needle. The dissected follicle units are then gently inserted into these slits. No special dressing is needed.

The side effects are minimal and include temporary swelling around the eyes and forehead area for 2 to 3 days. Few pimples or cysts can be seen but not in all cases due to ingrown hair and can be easily removed. Scarring was always a concern; however with our own developed technique and meticulous closure eradicates this problem and majority of patients barely notice any scarring at all.

Cocoona Hair Transplant Clinic Dubai shines out when it comes to hair transplantation because of fast progression in terms of developing unique hair restoration and top class sharp equipments which mark the hair transplant easy and effective. The high successes have won the attention of many individuals and famous personalities to trust with Cocoona Center for Hair Transplantation.

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