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Hair Loss Causes and Treatment!

Million men and women are suffering from hair loss and looking for the treatment in Dubai. This is a very common problem for both. Men are facing more hair loss than women but recent study by International Society of Hair Restoration disclosed that ratio of women experiencing thinning increased high in last decade.
When we grow old usually we notice that our hair become weak. The reason of hair loss may be stress or lack of vitamins in our diet. Hormonal problems in our body also can cause hair loss.

Environmental factor can also accelerate the hair loss process. However heredity is a key reason of hair loss. Hair is considered a product of beauty and lifestyle. Hair loss and baldness may bring negative impression on one’s look and self-possession. When someone looks old than his/her real age it can be an issue of self-esteem or confidence. The social life appearance can be affected. The problem brings more frustration in cases of women. Hair is a great impact of look in women.
The real concern is that how men and women determine and treat hair loss when they face this problem. In early stage hair loss can be treated such as good diet, medication, Laser Comb and Mesotherapy.

Hair Loss Treatment In Dubai     Hair Loss Treatment In Dubai/UAE

But if the hair loss is developed into baldness and caused by genetic, it is really difficult to treat with medicine or some other ways.
The only solution is hair transplantation in this case. There are different techniques in hair transplants to treat hair loss or baldness. Two major and famous techniques are Follicular Hair Transplant unit (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE).
FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant is also known as strip method transplant that involves removing a piece of skin and dissection of grafts into 1-4 hairs. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, this technique allows removing hair one by one form donor site without any scar or stitches. The only difference is removal of grafts from donor and FUE is found as a minimal invasive procedure.

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