Crown Hair Transplant in Dubai & Crown Hair Transplant Result

Crown Hair Transplant in Dubai

Successfully restoration of the crown area requires immense level of artistry, skill, vision, aptitude and care. Many clinics avoid crown transplantation due to the complications of creating natural looking crown because it is very difficult to provide results in whorl pattern. The crown hair usually exits the scalp in a whorl pattern. Some patients have more than one whorl.

The presence of this swirl makes more sense when a surgeon examines the direction of growth of hair in other parts of the scalp. In the back and sides of the head hair growth is down and to the back. At the temples, the hair changes its orientation from forward to down, and then back. From the top of the head and frontal region and frontal hair line, the direction of growth is forward.

So artistic and cosmetic difficulties crop up when an area characterized by swirling of hair directions and the thinner hair toward the middle. Therefore it is technically challenging area to create and place the recipient sites. The correct sized grafts must be placed in different regions of the crown for a natural look.

Cocoona hair transplant center proudly offering crown hair transplant in Dubai expertise, artistically best able to restore natural swirling pattern of crown.

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