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FUE Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai

Follicular Unit Extraction is the latest and revolutionary technique for hair restoration. In last 3 to 4 years FUE hair transplantation become more popular than any other methods. The best part of the techniques is, It’s a minimal invasive procedure without linear scar, stitches and painless. This also helps in producing natural results based various important factors/considerations.

The Technique:

FUE is a process of removing healthy hair follicles from donor area from the scalp and grafting them on the bald or thinning area on the head. Donor area can be any part of the body. Hair can be picked from back/side of head, sometimes hair can also be chosen from chest and back area too. One of the key for a successful transplant is to identify and understand the hair follicles which are extracted from the donor area, so that they stay permanently on scalp for the rest of life. If not chosen carefully from permanent zone, they may fall after few years.


This procedure is a lengthy and may take 6 to 9 hours to completion depending on grafts number.

Maximum Harvesting Sessions:

The use of motorized instruments for follicles extraction and unique faster punches, we are able to transact high number of follicles in a single procedure. This is vitally important to patient as ultimately it is a number of hair which will bring natural looking outcome and high density you are expecting on your scalp. We try our best to achieve maximum density with 100% looking hair transplant results.

No Sutures:

We don’t use scalpels or sutures during the procedure due to minimal invasive nature of the technique.

Pain Free:

Due to local anesthetic used to num that area before starting the procedure, you will be able to sleep during procedure or you can watch TV and use I-pad etc. Patient can communicate with Dr. as well staff about procedure very comfortably.

No Scarring:

It  allows a scar less donor visibility. The use of special punches and extraction without tissue removal facilitate this scar less service to patients. As we have over 16 years of experience of Follicular Unit Extraction and developed maximum invisible scar for all patients not only with FUE but FUT as well.

Natural Looking Results:

Forget bad or tufty hair transplants results, choose Cocoona hair transplant clinic with full of confidence for your absolute natural look. With Cocoona technique you are assured natural looking and high density transplant results. The best part is our technique is that you are getting all without any linear scaring. We place the hair at exactly in a correct angle as we understand the importance of angle for placement to achieve natural looking outcome. Hair don’t grow 90 degrees upward out of the skin and therefore the placement angle has a vital importance to a natural end result.

The Growth Period:

After shedding phase hair will start to grow through three months post procedure and thicken up between 5th and 8th months post procedure. Full growth can be seen 10 months post procedure.

Long Lasting Solution:

Follicles to transplant are removed from the non-sensitive zone just above your neck called permanent zone. This is an area where follicles survive for the duration for our resting life, in our social life we will have often seen mature gentlemen who have lost their scalp hair and are left with the strong donor follicles on the back of head.

We remove approximately 1 out of 10 follicles in that permanent zone and transfer it to the thinning area.  The transplanted hair will remain on that area rest of your life. There is no extra care required for the transplanted hair and you can cut, dye, perm and colour like your own hair.

Cocoona Happy Patient:

At Cocoona we are performing the most advanced and latest hair transplantation (regular and hybrid), which really changing the lives of individuals. It’s safe and effective procedure resulting in no scalpels, stitches or linear visible scarring as compared to the strip procedure. Follicular hair transplant or FUE is highly advanced technique, to achieve successful natural results, it is very essential that this technique should only be carried out by an experienced surgical team. Our experience team of surgeons, technicians, counselors and nurses understand the importance of a “Happy Patient” and are fully focused to deliver natural results.

Advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation:

  • Minimal invasive procedure
  • Natural looking results with Maximum density.
  • No linear scar, no sutures.
  • Previous scar can be corrected.

  • No scalpel incisions and stitches.
  • Fast recovery period.
  • Strong & healthy follicles are using.
  • Performed without shaving head.

What kind of Patient potentially option for FUE?

Hair transplant seekers looking for best technique for their transplant procedure.  In fact all is depend on donor site. Some patients are good candidates for FUE where others for FUT.

This revolutionary technique FUE (Follicular unit transplant) has significant benefits for patients. The main benefit is, it does not involve the creation of a “linear” scar. It is therefore particularly useful options for the following type of patients:

For those patients who are due to any reason want the option to keep their hair very short and not want any ground evidence that a procedure was done. Most patients don’t plan on cutting their hair this short so for them this is not an issue. But even some patients have the reasons keeping hair short. There are potentially some spotty white dots may noticeable with FUE but it can be reduced by using the proper punch size, and the number of extractions in a specific area is kept below a critical amount.

Another group of patients FUE is appropriate who suffering less hair loss and currently need only a small amount of grafts in an area like the hairline or temporal sites. The patients who have already had strip harvesting and now have a tight scalp which would make difficult more strip harvesting, are another potential class for FUE hair transplantation. This technique may also applicable to camouflage a wide linear donor scar left a prior hair transplant procedure.

There are other patients who may be in the military and need to keep their hair short. After extractions heal up with FUE, it is really hard to detect incisions even with short hair and patients can potentially use this option.

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