FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai | Strip Method Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai

Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT is a miner surgical procedure to produce hair on bald area by removing a piece of skin. If the procedure is done with proper expertise definitely results in ultra natural beautiful hair transplant.

The Technique:

In this technique, we shave a small part of the back of head. You can easily hide the shaved area. We draw the counter the piece of skin to give you hair follicles for transplantation. Then our surgeon will administrate local anesthetic and a small piece of skin removed from the back of head marked. Our Highly skilled  technicians divide the strip in the natural follicle groups under the microscope.

We use sedation so you can relax. You can watch TV or movies. You lie down comfortably and sleep most of the time of this part on the day of surgery. Our expert surgeon put the local to make small incisions in the area where hair requires to transplant.
When the last follicles are in place, the area is thoroughly cleaned and you are ready to go back home with a new look. Rest of your life you will enjoy a confident and natural appearance.

Dissection of grafts into follicle units:

The main advantage of strip hair transplant is that special stereo-micro scopes are used to dissect grafts. Graft dissection is very crucial part of FUT technique. Graft is a living organ and we have no right to damage it. Every single graft has its importance to cover bald volume. We are using Stereo-microscopic dissection that eliminates the risks of damage and wastage of grafts. A healthy graft is important for good density of hair shaft, long term survival of the hair and natural results.

Stereo-microscopic dissection starts with slivering and strip divided into smaller pieces without damage of tissues while cutting. Then technicians dissect these small pieces further into individual follicle units as per requirement. To avoid any follicle damage or unnecessary cut, all our technicians are trained to use high resolution stereo-microscope. Under this microscope all grafts are dissected in groups containing 1 hair, 2 hair, 3 hair or 4 hair follicle units according to one’s requirements and 2,500 grafts procedure may give you 5,000 to 7,000 hairs.
When the recipient sites are created, these healthy follicles are placed carefully at an appropriate angle. This procedure is not possible without an expert and highly motivated team.
At Cocoona, our team is fully determined and devoted to achieve best possible hair transplant results by using stereo-microscopic dissection.

The Role of Incisions for a Successful Hair Transplantation:

In order to receive best hair transplant results possible, it is very important to understand that a scientific and artistic approach is required to design a very realistic looking hairline. This means that surgeon must make exact incisions with proper angle for each follicular unit that ensures the placement of hairs will cause them to grow in the right directions. All hairs directions are different according to body regions where they are being inserted.

So it is very important to find a surgeon who is well versed in both precision and creativity of hair transplant. The technique of FUT Hair Transplant will also influence the results of your transplants.

Our team of experts surgeons are gifted in both technical and artistic dimensions of hair transplant surgery. As a leader in the field of Transplantation, we focus on continual improvement by research, training and technique adaptation. All our advance approach meets safety standards and science behind the successful hair transplantation.


The procedure may take 4 to 8 hours depends on the grafts number required for transplantation.

Cocoona Invisible Scar and Trichophytic Closure:

Strip or Follicular Unit Transplant is a worth considered method, if patient is planning to have a quick solution in treating hair loss with large bald area in less time. There are benefits and drawbacks of strip transplant like FUE transplant. The only drawback is that a linear scar but modern age of hair transplantation eliminated this scar into a refine line. It’s difficult to detect scar if procedure is done by a skilled surgeon using revolutionary Trichophytic Closure Technique. Cocoona is offering this latest and own developed technique and become leader in the industry to repair old scars who undergone strip hair transplants somewhere else. Dr. Sanjay and his team improved this scar leaving procedure into invisible scar surgery in majority cases.

Advantages of advanced FUT Hair Transplant:

  • Safe & Natural Results
  • Scarless in Majority cases.
  • No risks for repeat hair loss.

  • No damage of existing hair.
  • Less redness on recipient area.
  • Grafts grow faster.

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