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Natural looking and High Density Hair Line

The design and shape of hairline on top of forehead and temporal sides is an important part of hair transplantation. Surgeon must follow the angle and direction that your hair naturally grows. If the hairline is not properly designed, the outcome of transplantation is unacceptable and results may look awkward. The area where the forehead is combined with the hair called “Hair line”. As we know that each hair transplant case is different and successful outcome depends on a skill of a surgeon. To creating a natural hair line require a surgeon to have hand skill and as well as an artistic sense of design.

High Density Hair Line

To achieve best hair transplant outcome possible, it is important to understand the science and art required to design a very natural looking hairline. This means that surgeon should create slits with proper angle for each graft that ensures the placement of hair follicles will cause them to grow in absolute directions. All hairs directions are different according to body regions where they are being inserted. It is a hair line which is responsible for natural appearance to hair transplant and a greater challenge for a surgeon. Dr. Sanjay is specialist in designing natural hair line with high density for each individual case. He emphasize on ideal angle at which the hair must be transplanted.

Some important characteristics should be considered by a hair restoration surgeon when designing a hairline.

  • Age
  • Donor area flexibility and density.
  • Recipient hair loss area.
  • Old hairline before receding.
  • Forehead shape and facial features.
  • Individual’s expectations and needs.

At Cocoona hair transplant center, designing a hair line, nature is our inspiration. We believe that your hairline forms the most visible part of your head and good High Density Hair Line gives you more youthful appearance. So our surgeons make sure about higher density and best possible future planning for the patients.
For great precision in designing hair line, our surgeon using a laser hair line device which is very effective for creating more natural hair line.

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