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Repair for Improper Hair Transplants:

Poor quality hair transplants can cause the hair to look like “doll’s hair” or more of a “pluggy” appearance. Such cases usually happen when too large grafts are used for transplantation, or inexperienced hand performed a hair transplant procedure. The other reasons may be due to incorrect angling & wrong direction in placing of grafts, designing a poor hairline as unsuccessful hair transplants. Results from these kinds of unsuccessful surgeries not only look awkward, but they are also a waste of a lot of money. The patients undergone improper hair transplants may decide to have their hair transplant procedure revised or if they are unsatisfied by the density of their hair from their previous transplant.

These repaired unsuccessful transplants showing dramatic improvements in the appearance and look of hair. However, reparative procedures are only carried out by highly experienced hair transplant surgeons and are more costly, due to the additional expense patients have to pay after the initial transplant surgery. This repair hair transplant process also requires extra time and procedures and the use of additional hairs to give a natural look to patients. Some of the techniques used in reparative procedures for hair transplantation include scar revisions, revision micrografting and revision minigrafting, and removal of old hair grafts from a previous transplant procedure, which may have been positioned improperly. Some reparative procedures may require the removal of all the old grafts, but some may only require the removal of partial grafts. Such procedures are known as hair transplant removal procedures. These procedures are just as precise as having grafts added to the scalp. Your surgeon will inspect the area which has to undergo hair transplant removal to determine the best way to remove the old grafts.

Usually, if no obstacles are present, the old grafts are removed using any of the following two procedures; Follicular Unit Transplant or Follicular Unit Extraction. In FUT, several follicular units are removed with a larger graft area, whereas with FUE, the grafts are extracted one by one using small punches. Once they have been removed, new grafts are transplanted which will grow over the next few months to give a natural look to the patient. These grafts are placed in the less dense area of the scalp, just like a normal hair transplant procedure.

A reparative hair transplant procedure can also have problems. For example, if the patient has a limited remaining donor hair or has scarring, it can make the procedure more challenging. No matter what the case, your hair transplant surgeon will be able to tell you the exact cause of the complication and the issues involved with going ahead with the surgery. Make sure that you only consult an experienced and professional hair transplant surgeon for a repairing hair transplant, to avoid facing similar problems again. Reparative procedures are also complex than normal hair transplant procedures, which is why not every hair transplant surgeon can do them.

Hair reparative procedures are successfully carried out in both men and women at cocoona hair transplant center, and give very natural results. They are the only solution for patients who have had a bad experience before. After a repairing hair transplants from us, patients get back their original hair and a very clean and natural look, which corrects the plugged appearance or doll’s look. Some surgeons may not provide a reparative procedure for women, so you should make sure that the surgeon or hair restoration centre where you are going has previous experience of successfully treating hair transplant surgery and restorative procedures on women.

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