Body Hair Transplant in Dubai

Body Hair Transplant is the method of extraction of hair directly from body parts to head or other areas. Generally preferred donor area is considered for hair transplantation is a scalp (back of the head). However patient sometime don’t have sufficient hair on that limited area to accomplish the desired goals. In such cases body hair can be used as a source of donor if the hair are very similar to scalp hair in texture and quality. Body hair such as Chest hair, hair from the legs, beard hair, hair from the back of abdomen and armpit hair can be removed for hair transplantation to achieve certain expected results.

This large extended donor area is used to extract thousands healthy hair follicles, filling large bald areas and wished results. There are some significant differences between body hair and head such as color, structure, thickness and curl of hair. The different between these 2 types of hair brings complexity to achieve best possible outcome.

There are 3 elements to determine for a successful body hair transplant:

  1. The extraction of hair units.
  2. The growth cycle of body hair.
  3. The compatibility of body and scalp hair.

It is completely necessary for the hair transplant surgeon performing body transplant to possess adequate skill and knowledge of all techniques – FUT and FUE – and to make sure basic principles into consideration, for such a transplant to achieve best possible results, including:

  • The correct extraction of donor hair follicles.
  • The right preparation of grafts.
  • Optimal implantation, taking into right direction, therefore the grafts grow natural angle.
  • A careful approach by using ideal technique and less damage of grafts as possible.