Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In Dubai
How you can identify a best hair transplant surgeon?

A good hair transplant carried out by a specialist hair transplant surgeon and well trained technicians should not be detectable.
Finding a good surgeon is crucial. When you will search on Google, a plenty of hair replacement surgeons appear how do you know they’re truly skilled? How can you trust them to grant you undetectable natural hairline and use the foremost up-to-date surgical methods?
Here are some important points to ask when meeting different consultants and doctors for your hair transplant surgery.

What kind of procedure does he practice?

In this modern age of hair restoration different procedures are being performed (mixing and combining) by different professionals for better outcome but commonly two techniques are popular in practice these days, the FUT (follicular unit transplant – or strip transplant) and the FUE (follicular unit extraction). Different specialists might practice these by different names – but both are founded equal to produce results depending on donor site. The FUT involves taking a strip of donor hair (usually from the back and sides of your head) and so harvest the hair follicles from that to transplant into that area where patient don’t have hair.
The FUE involves direct harvesting individual hair follicles from the donor site. There is no strip of skin taken and no scar. The recovery time is also shorter.
Surgeon will recommend the right technique to patient. Some doctors use the FUT technique exclusively Where other practice FUT similarly as FUE. Some professionals they use best alternative options by mixing different techniques together to achieve best results.
Discuss with every doctor in consultation about what ability they carry with every technique, benefits of both techniques as well drawbacks.
Does the doctor up-to-date him on the latest development within the industry? Does the surgeon fascinate in designing your hair transplant to your particular situation, age, face shape, etc. or does he follow a one-size-fits-all philosophy? Does he expert with planning natural-looking hair lines? By asking these queries you are able to get the picture of ability and skill of the surgeon.

How much density does he deliver for a natural look?

For natural looking hair transplant density has great significance. The quality of density or volume is greatly influenced by the skill of a surgeon. A hand with high skills both artistry and technically can balance the size of bald area and donor limitations. To obtain better dense hair transplant consider in your mind when visiting a doctor or center.
Can he restore you the look that you just want? And what does he says, you’ll expect about your desired outcome? For example, a talented doctor/consultant will not promise you the moon, they will educate you a very real seen what you will get. Anyone who guarantees you will have a full head of hair. The reality is that a transplant doesn’t give you a full head of hair. However a talented doctor will distribute the hair (depending on what proportion donor hair you have and in recipient area) to create it seem as if a full head of hair.

How long has the doctor been performing transplants?

For your best hair transplant outcome, more experience is better. You can ask for experience and training of the surgeon. If you feel he has a sound practice. Keep in mind it is a responsibility of a good hair transplant surgeon to guide and educate you properly instead of catching tactics because hair transplant seekers don’t have enough depth knowledge. This is possible only if someone has ethical standards in practice.
A best hair transplant surgeon has the eye on long-lasting goals and ability to foresee the future. You may consider his support team. A good surgeon always assigned a better team because they play a vital role to produce results.

Ask for before after pictures?

The results will show the skill of the surgeon and additionally help to grant you a sensible plan of what the doctor will do for you. Even better is that if you’ll ask for their old patients to speak. You always need to check a sample of the surgeon’s work. Demand for the before after photos of patients.
Cocoona hair transplantation brings years of experience, to achieve high standard in the art of Hair restoration to producing undetectable natural results. Our hair transplant surgeons in Dubai are gifted in both technical and artistic dimensions of hair transplant surgery. We have changed the way patients and medical community thinks about hair transplantation. As a leader in the field we focus on continual improvement. Considering safety, science and art behind the hair transplant, we ignore the traditional approach and think out the box for better way to achieve more natural results.

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