Eyebrow Transplant in Dubai

Eyebrow is called the framework of one’s face. They are very important for facial symmetry and balance. Eyebrows add an important aesthetic aspect to attractiveness. People tend to be self-conscious if they are unhappy with their eyebrows appearance which sometime results in lack of confidence. A properly designed eyebrow transplant provided a perfect aesthetic frame to the face, in turn making eyes look more attractive.

Dr. Sanjay and his specialist hair transplant team, brings rich experience and are highly skilled in Eyebrow Transplant . Our surgeons apply both artistic and technical skill when performing eyebrow transplant, as both of the factors are vital for attractive and natural looking results. Our team work wisely and diligently to ensure the result of the transplant fits one’s ethnicity and face shape. We have done many eyebrow transplants in both men and women and provide undetectable natural results.

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