FUE vs FUT: Which Hair Transplantation Method to Choose?

When we talk about modern techniques of hair transplantation, the two main methods used extensively are FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) and FUT (Follicular unit transplantation). Both the procedures work similarly and deliver similar results. The process of implantation is almost identical, as, in both processes, each graft is artistically placed one at a time in the areas of thinning hair. However, the major difference lies in the way follicles are taken out from the rear part of the scalp. Apart from that, there are certainly other differences too.

It is important to know them, so that you can make a final decision between FUT and FUE.

Method of Follicle Extraction

In the procedure of FUE, individual hair is extracted with the use of some invasive technology. This is a meticulous process of extraction that can take anywhere from one to five hours. In the procedure of FUT, the specialist extracts all the hair at once, and the entire process takes only 15-30 minutes. Then the extracted hair is prepared to be implanted into the area to be treated. In both the procedures, the experts select only the follicles with the highest chances of survival for the best outcome.


In both the procedures, the grafts of your follicles are prepared for placement. They use a high-power microscope to ensure that the grafts remain in the best condition until they are ready to be transplanted.


In both the hair loss treatment procedures of FUT and FUE, the experts make small incisions in your thinning areas to match the pattern of your natural growth of hair. Once the grafts are ready, they strategically place them one at a time with great precision. The number of hairs in each follicle is considered, as this will maximize the natural look, coverage and density of hair in the treated areas. The artistic skill of the specialist determines how natural your transplantation will look.

During the Process

Both FUE and FUT are simple hair restoration procedures to be done in a specialist’s clinic. The team of your specialist will do its best to keep you comfortable while they do the hair transplantation on your scalp. You may even be allowed to watch a movie or hear music during the process. In both procedures, healing is also not an issue at all.


No stitches are required in the FUE procedure and the tiny incisions made in the area leave no noticeable scars. Neighboring hair easily conceals the area while the incisions heal themselves within 3-7 days. Therefore, FUE is a suitable procedure if you are planning to have a short haircut afterward. But in FUT procedure, since grafts are removed as groups, it leaves a fine scar that may be visible if you get a short haircut. Therefore, FUT would be more suitable if you are planning to leave your hair half-inch long after the procedure.

By the end, the choice is up to you to select between FUE or FUT procedure for hair transplantation. A trained specialist can help you in making the right decision, depending on the type and cause of your hair loss and the area size to be treated.

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