FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai

FUT Hair Transplant Overview

Hair loss is something that is an issue for most of the people nowadays. Reduction in hair causes low self-esteem and low confidence that can also lead the person towards depression. So, hair transplant is the best way to restore your hair growth along with confidence and self-esteem.

What is FUT?

FUT (Follicular unit transplantation) refers to the process in which the long thin strip of the tissue is removed from the back or sides of your head. This method is also known as the strip method. After that, the strip is put under analysis by using a powerful microscope to get hair follicles. It is essential to get the desired size of the hair follicles. Then the grafts were obtained to transplant on the thin areas of the scalp or bald.

Who is a Candidate?

You are a candidate for getting FUT hair transplant if you meet the following checklist.

✔   You have enough donor hair supply.

✔   You have laxity in the scalp skin.

✔   You are experiencing permanent hair loss.

✔   Your hair loss is stopped.

Goals of FUT Hair Transplant Dubai

The basic aim of this procedure is to provide you the best solution to hair loss and also helps you to enhance your appearance. Some other essential goals are;

  • To assist you in get your hair back
  • To transplant the most number of grafts in just one session.
  • To provide you amazing results at cost-effective price

Which equipments are used?

The equipment that are used in administering the best FUT hair transplant include;

  • Cole Instrument Punches
  • CIT Manual Punch Handle
  • An aide to Extraction (ATOE)
  • Electric Chilling Device
  • Powered Cole Isolation Device
  • CID-Counting Incision Device
  • CID Needles
  • CID Blades
  • Self Filling Device (SFD), etc.

How to prepare for the procedure?

It is important for you to do some preparation before going for FUT hair transplant in Dubai so that you can get the best results. Pre-op instructions are important to follow as the results based on them. These instructions are as follows.

  • Stop taking aspirin or any other product that contains aspirin before 14-16 days of the surgery.
  • Stop alcohol consumption in any form before 5-7 days.
  • Get all of the prescribed tests done and the reports should be submitted to the doctor.
  • Stop smoking before 4-5 weeks.

How the procedure is performed?

Preparation of the donor area is the first and foremost step that includes shaving of the head and marking the areas for strip cutting. The surgeons will make the targeted area numb by providing local anesthesia so that you will not feel pain during the surgery. A strip area will be cut from the specified donor area. After that, the surgeons will carefully staple and stitches the targeted area. Thousands of hair follicles will be available on the strip. A powerful microscope will be used to know about mini grafts that will be further used for transplantation. After that, local anesthesia will be administered to the area that required treatment. Specific angles will be marked to make tiny insertions at the area that requires treatment. At last, grafts will be carefully inserted in the form of tiny marked areas that will be made by the surgeon.

How many sessions are required?

Almost every person wants to know how many sessions are required to complete the procedure. Usually, the success of the transplantation depends on different factors that include the density of the hair thickness that you want to get, the amount of graft that is needed, the characteristics of your hair, and the budget. Almost 3-5 sessions are needed to get the best results. FUT requires fewer sessions as compared to FUE Dubai. Though, consultation with the surgeon is recommended to get an exact idea.

Post-op Care and the Recovery Time

After the completion of the procedure, some essential instructions are provided to the patient. Here, at Dubai Hair Transplant Clinic, the fitness, and health of the patient is our basic concern. Post-op care instructions that are provided to the patients include directions of washing scalp, care in touching the scalp, instructions about medication, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, and avoid from direct sunlight. Moreover, for the first 15-20 days after surgery, it is prohibited to pick at the scab.

About 14-16 days are required for complete recovery. Right after surgery, the patient experiences a linear scar on the backside of the head. Pain killers are prescribed by the surgeon to get rid of any kind of pain. Stitches are removed after 12-14 days of the surgery. A proper way of sleeping is suggested to the patient. It is instructed to the patient that he needs to let his surgeon know on an immediate basis if he observes any infection. It takes more time to recover as compared to ACell transplants.

Results of FUT Hair Transplant

As a result of getting FUT hair transplant, the patient will be able to get a natural look of their hair. For sure, the patient will get pleasure after getting this treatment. It has been observed that most of the patients get astonished by experiencing amazing results after transplant. The hair starts to grow naturally after 8-10 months of surgery. The best feature of getting this transplant is that the person will get permanent hair growth.

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