Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

Average Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

The hair transplant cost in Dubai shows a great variety. Most of the hair transplant clinics do not clearly advertise their prices, but according to our research, in Dubai, each graft cost ranges between 8 and 20 Dirhams. This price may differ according to age, gender, ethnicity, type of hair transplantation and the size of the area to be transplanted.

Some hair transplant clinics offer special discounts and charge 1 Dirham for each graft. However, please note that such discounts may be valid for hair transplants above a certain number.

Currently, 1 United Arab Emirates Dirham is around $0.27, and the price per graft ranges from $2.15 (AED 7.90) to $5.5 (AED 20.20), which is much more affordable than Europe, United Kingdom, United States, and many more countries.

Graft cost comparison table by country

CountryPrice Per Graft
United States$7 to $12
Australia$7.3 to $13.3
United Kingdom$3.4 to $7.7
Malaysia$2.5 to $6.2
Thailand$2.4 to $6.1
Mexico$2.2 to $5.6
United Arab Emirates$2.15 to $5.5
Poland$2 to $6.2
Hungary$1.75 to $5.25
India:$1.75 to $5.10
Turkey$1.4 to $5.2
Average graft price by country

Please note that prices are average and may change due to promotions from time to time.

As can be seen, the hair transplant graft prices in the United Arab Emirates are a bit higher than Poland, Hungary, India, and Turkey but considerably lower than Australia, United Kingdom, and the United States. The biggest advantage of having a hair transplant in Dubai is that there is no need for expensive and long flight trips, the wonderful climate of the country and there is no language barrier to communicate with local doctors.

Hair transplant price comparison table by country

CountryPrice per Transplant
United States$14000 – $24000
Australia$14600 – $26600
United Kingdom$6800 to $15400
Malaysia$5000 to $12400
Thailand$4800 to $12200
Mexico$4400 to $11200
United Arab Emirates$4300 to $11000
Poland$4000 to $12400
Hungary$3500 to $10500
India$3500 to $10200
Turkey$2800 to $10400
Average hair transplant cost by country

Factors that can affect hair transplant prices

  • the technique you choose
  • the number of grafts;
  • the surgeon;
  • the health care facility
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender

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  1. Hi!i hope the prices are still the same,next month i am planning to come to dubai for transplant.what about borders?i hope they are not closed because of corona..

  2. Hello,

    Yes, borders are open but please note that there are some requirements to enter Dubai. You will need valid health insurance, download the COVID-19 DXB app, fill the health declaration form, and PCR test result (with a maximum validity of 96 hours). There may also be other requirements.

    Have a great day.

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