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Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

The cost of hair transplant is a key element in decision making for everybody. However, the cost of varies person to person, according to one’s need and choice of technique. It is important for us to know the amount of hair loss that needs restoration.

There are several ways used to calculate the cost of hair transplant in depending upon how much hair someone wants to be transplanted and how much area desires to recover. The cost is often calculated per graft transplanted. The cost varies person to person relying upon individual’s needs as well center to center as per the facilities and results provided.

Person to person cost variation depends upon the texture and type of hair, every person has unique pattern of growth and density. To achieve that sort of density required high skills and more grafts number. Selection of technique also affect on the cost of hair transplant. FUE is a little expensive than strip transplant. Some surgeons utilize both FUE and FUT to obtain more grafts for high level of density and area coverage which may enhance the price of hair transplantation. Some surgeon may charge high due to qualification and constant with the experience they possess.

Cocoona offers very reasonable and qualitative packages to entertain its valued customers. We have free consultation policy to educate help people who are confused and reservations about hair transplant. Cocoona is determined to excellence and quality of care. Your comfort, well being and expectations are our first priority.

Hair Transplant Cost depends upon following factors:

1: Hair loss stage (Number of Grafts to Transplant).

2: Donor hair characteristics (Texture, color, Curl, ethnicity etc.)

3: Technique applied for restoration. (FUE, FUT, CCT (Combination of FUE & FUT), Corrective Transplant, scar revision, Hybrid Transplant)

4: Skill and experience of the surgeon.

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