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Welcome to Cocoona Center where world’s best hair transplant is being performed. Our mission is to achieve undetectable natural looking hair transplant outcomes by using most advanced techniques and applying aesthetic & artistic skill. Your Hair Transplant Results are enormously important to us more than anything else. We always perform best hair transplant treatment that brings remarkable outcomes in the form of natural and undetectable look.

Once you arrive at Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic at Cocoona, you would feel confident that you are totally in a safe hand and best center in Dubai. All of our surgeons and supportive technicians are expert and exhaustively trained.

The process of hair transplantation is simple and performed out-patient under local anesthetic. Hair follicles are harvested usually from back of head and are placed into bald area. Recent advancement in the hair restoration field gives surgeon a chance to remove follicles from back of head in two different ways.

One is called Strip Transplant or Follicular Unit Hair Transplant and 2nd is famous as FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction. Cocoona Center’s surgeons are blessed with enormous field experience and strong determination for grabbing high quality results; therefore, they successfully perform both FUE and FUT procedures in well-equipped Dubai hair transplant Clinic.

How Can You Identify The Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai?

When you search for a hair transplant clinic Dubai then you will be able to find tons of hair transplant clinic results in a search engine.

It is certainly the first step that you can take for finding the best clinic, which may offer you the most desirable results for hair transplant procedure. Pick any of these search results, visit official website of clinic, get number and make a call. You can surely go for a consultation session that is normally free of cost. It is advisable to do some research about different clinics, compare every clinic’s offers and services and then pick the best one for you.

Here are some factors that may help you in your search of selection:

Avoid Low Cost Hunt

While you are making a comparison of various hair transplant Dubai clinic, you don’t need to go for clinics that offer low or cheap service rate. Keep in mind that low price could bring poor and noticeable hair transplant results, that you will never want. In addition, low cost may implies that clinic has an inexperienced surgeon who might leave a prominent scar on your head during the surgery. So don’t search for the cheap price Clinics.

On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that best treatment of hair transplant would be very expensive for you. You need to find a clinic that offers a balance between costs and results. Search for a clinic that can grant you best results at an affordable price.

Select a Reputed Center with a Permanent Surgeon

If you want to get good hair transplant surgery results, you need to find a well-reputed hair restoration center. An established center will always have permanent surgeon. There are many clinics whose surgeons work for short term basis. Such clinics keep changing their surgeons. It is indeed a bad situation for you. As you know, final outcomes of hair transplant can be seen after 12 months. In case you pick a clinic where surgeon works temporarily then you might not be able to meet with your surgeon again. In case you suffer some infection or problem then you need to tell your complete medical and surgery history from start to end to a new surgeon. It would surely be an uncomfortable scenario for you.

You need a clinic with permanent surgeon because you can easily check a track of his work history. You can identify end results of his past surgical methods. Permanent surgeon can provide you reference of his previous customers. You can contact his customers and know whether they are fully satisfied or not. Decision for hair transplant Dubai will become easy for you somehow through customer reference checking.

Cocoona hair transplant center has been achieving undetectable natural looking hair transplant results for last decade. Our hair transplant surgeons are blessed with technical and artistic skills of hair transplant surgery.

If you find a reputed clinic and permanent surgeon, please ask the membership of The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) that attempt to improve hair transplant standards word-wide and ensure members quality of work.

As a leader in the field, we focus on continual improvement. We always urge to explore the latest advancement in the hair transplant industry to achieve best outcome for our patients.

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