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Hair Transplant Recovery Tips


Hair transplant is considered less invasive procedure than most other cosmetic surgeries but still recovery time should be taken seriously and may take 7 to 14 days to full heal.

Hair transplant recovery varies patient to patient depending upon:

  • What technique you had done.
  • Donor region, how much is donor area harvested.
  • Recipient region, how many hair follicles are transplanted.

Strip transplant (FUT) will have a healing duration around 2 weeks while Follicular Unit Transplant (FUE) will take around 5/7 days. For comfortable recovery and speedy heal you should have rest after reaching at home. Infection chances after hair transplantation are rare. Patients feel fine in 1 or 2 days following surgery in majority cases. The first day after your transplant you may expect tightness or numbness in your scalp. Later couple of days of hair transplant procedure you may feel swelling on your forehead that may surrounds your eyes, don’t worried it’s part of procedure and will be released in next 2/3 days.

The transplanted hair follicles will be noticeable and extremely sensitive, can be pulled out easily. If the graft is lost there will be bleeding on that spot, avoid scratching the grafts. It will affect your density. Crusts will appear on your new transplanted scalp. It is a natural part of recovery process. Never pull the scab as you will get permanent damage of newly implanted hair follicle. In order to minimize infection concerns and remove the scabs, it’s very important to maintain the area clean during the recovery time as directed.  During your hair transplant post surgery cleansing you should be as gentle as possible. If you are a chain smoker kick the habit for couple of weeks. Smoking compressed the blood vessels and can slow the blood supply to the new transplanted grafts.

Cocoona hair transplant surgeons use smaller incisions in order to shorter recovery. Your Cocoona surgeons provide you ointment to apply onto the transplanted and harvested site to reduce itching. They will prescribe anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory to avoid risks of any infection.

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