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Robotic Hair Transplant

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The latest and the best technology in the hair transplant industry – ROBOTIC HAIR TRANSPLANT is only available with us at Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformations, Dubai. We acquired the Robot called – The robotic hair transplant machine in November 2015. In-fact we are the only ones in the GCC to have the Robot.

What is Robotic Hair Transplant? 

We call the robotic method the Platinum Standard. As there is nothing more accurate, reliable and effective than that.

For those who know hair transplant, FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant), also known as the strip method is called the Gold Standards method in the hair transplant industry. Robotic on the other hand is based on the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method. In FUE, the hair is harvested from over the back of the head to minimize scarring caused to patients. The Robot – has taken the FUE method to perfection. It adds what was missing in both the FUE and FUT methods. Precision and robotic accuracy.

What Is Robotic Hair Transplant?

Robotic Hair Transplant is an innovative Hair Transplanting Robot. It uses a minimally invasive hair weaving technique that gives the patient the most natural look possible today. Indeed it is the first and only robot and technology of its kind. It uses image-guided robotics that ensures precise dissection of hair follicles for physician-assisted hair transplantation.

Since November 2015, our surgeons have been using the robot and have mastered the skill and expertise needed to operate it. It’s not child’s play, the sophisticated and advanced the technology gets, the more effort, training and skill is required to achieve perfection.

The Robotic Hair Transplant Advantage :

Beyond precision, robotic accuracy, Robotic Hair Transplant offers many advantages over manual and traditional procedures. The top three and most important advantages are as follows.

1. It gives a natural and fuller look: The Robot is capable of transplanting more precisely and accurately. Hence the surgeons are able to plant more hair in square centimeter to get a fuller look. It also helps in designing a perfect hairline with minimal effort and robotic accuracy.

2. Minimal Scarring and almost painless: Operating on the FUE principle, the robot eliminates the need of stitches, hence offers minimal scarring and maximum hair styling freedom.

3. Consistency and Safe results:A good robot is known for its robotic accuracy. The Robotic Hair Transplant consistently delivers accurate and safe results by minimizing the human error such as human fatigue or poor co-ordination.

The Robotic Hair Harvesting Advantage :

Robotic Hair Transplant analyses real time data, rapidly and updates the system about the location and characteristics of each hair follicle. This process ensures that the surgeon has the information about the quality of the hair and is able to select the healthiest hair for better and faster re-growth. Furthermore the automated dissection of hair follicles accomplishes the task faster without harming the quality of the grafted hair.


Robotic Hair Transplant Site Making :

Site making is key to a hair transplant procedure. It’s critical to get the desired and natural results. To ensure that at Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformations, we use the Robotic Hair Transplant system to prep the patient scalp. The prep is important to ensure that the harvested hair survives the harvesting procedure. The prepping of the scalp involves creating the most appropriate treatment designs that match the current condition of hair in the recipient area. Site Making is a meticulous task, its helps the surgeons place the hair follicles correctly and at the right location for the best outcome – that looks natural and aesthetically appealing.


Depth And Angle :

At the end, to have a successful transplant, it all comes down to this. The depth and the angle the hair needs to be transplanted at. If the hair is not planted at the correct depth and angle, its chances of survival decrease significantly. This is where the robotic skill, expertise and algorithms are advantages. It analyzes the angles and depth at which each hair follicle needs to be implanted for optimum and maximum growth. The system then further advises the surgeons who then with the aids advanced medical tools are able to plant the hair at the exact location, depth and angle. This is also critical for denser and natural looking results.

Patient Experience :

The robot has numerous advantages. It gives the power, control and accuracy to the surgeon operating it. It indeed has also help improve the patient experience. Over the past few months, we have done a number of surgeries and post collecting feedback from these patients, we have been reassured and are more confident to say that patients love this technology. Minimum scarring, superior results, more natural and denser outcomes, less pain are few words that summarize the patient experience. For more information or a robotic hair transplant consultation please call us on our toll free number 800362636 or fill in the form, we will get in touch with you.

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