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Women Hair Transplant in Dubai

Women hair Transplant also popular these days because hair loss is not only problem associated with male. A lot of female suffering that same dilemma and may carry more depression. They desire every alternative treatment to stop or restore. Women who are facing hair loss, may feel their option for hair transplant less.
A woman who has concerns about hair loss can avail this option for permanent hair. This modern age of hair transplantation provided the power of choice to select hair transplant as a safe and long-lasting solution in treating hair loss. In our practice we treated hundreds of females suffered hair loss and they are enjoying their restored looks. The procedure works same for women like men hair transplantation.
The hair are obtained from back side of head and placed in the required area. Doctor marks the areas and starts process with injecting local anesthesia in donor site. Then hair follicles are removed from that num area without any pain. Slits are created in receptor place and follicles are placed inside that area. The recovery and care are almost same like other hair transplants.
The cost of female hair transplant may less than men due to low required number of follicles. Usually they may need density or hairline enhancement. The costs for eyebrow and eye-lashes are also cheap because less quantity of graft is required to implant.
The success rate is noticed amazingly better at Cocoona hair transplant center, visit us for your personify candidacy. All women are not good candidate for having hair transplant.

Here are some potential factors to observe women hair restoration candidacy:

  1. Females are facing hair-loss because of imbalance-hormones (traction alopecia).
  2. Women with female pattern baldness, including scalp with developed thinning and hairline receded and vertex area reduced hair density.
  3. Female candidates who have had plastic or cosmetic surgeries and are concerned about hair loss on incisions sides.
  4. Women facing hair loss due to trauma, having accidental scar and burn victims may also avail hair restoration.

If you are experienced hair loss, visit Cocoona center for a personified consultation to know if you are right candidate for hair restoration. Our specialist will evaluate your status and plan appropriately.

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