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Plate Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair Transplantation

Plate Rich Plasma (PRP) is an exciting addition in the field of hair transplantation. PRP is a very effective treatment for hair loss and hair growth. The major reason of getting more and more attention among hair restoration surgeons is that PRP can stimulate the growth of newly implanted hair follicles. Plate Rich Plasma contains growth factors and helps to achieve optimal results as well as speedy wounds healing in hair restoration process. After injecting into scalp, experts have noticed significant improvement in transplanted area. Cocoona Center for Hair Transplantation offers to all patients considering hair transplant and found meaningful effect.

What is PRP (Plate Rich Plasma)?

Human blood is composed of 93% red cells, 1% white blood cells, 6% platelets and plasma. With PRP, it is a specialized blood cell. This is used to accelerate the healing capacity of the body. By having these platelets, an individual can have a faster natural healing process.

How Is It Done?

Considering the benefits of using Plate Rich Plasma (PRP), many are interested to know how PRP is done. Contrary to what some may think, this process makes use of the patient’s own blood. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge separating the liquid and solid component. The separated portion is then injected to the recipient and donor areas to promote faster healing, repairing of tissues and for growth enhancement factor. The PRP treatment would take about 20 to 40 minutes.

Benefits of PRP (Plate Rich Plasma) in Hair Transplantation

Plate Rich Plasma treatment offers three potential benefits when use in hair transplant procedure.

  1. To enhance and preserve grafts viability during procedure
  2. To encourage & enhance tissues repair and wounds healing
  3. To stimulate new hair growth

By injecting PRP into recipient area it helps to stimulate the growth of new grafts and increases growth factor. The application of PRP induces hair follicle stem cell to shift from a dormant phase to an active phase that begins the process of hair production. It has been noticed that application of PRP is crucial to faster wounds healing. It’s also helpful in early healing of donor area. It works for various treatments including hair growth, shoulder pain, ligament problems, ankle sprains, hamstring and hip strains and a whole lot more.

The Success Rate of PRP (Plate Rich Plasma)

Based on recent studies and results, there are patients who experience higher success rate. The effectiveness of PRP widely varies depending on the condition of the patient’s donor hair.

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