Robotic Hair Transplant Dubai At Cocoona

Robotic Hair Transplant Dubai At Cocoona

What is Robotic Hair Transplant all about?

Robotic hair transplant is one of the most ultra-modern and highly-efficient methods for hair restoration to treat baldness. This procedure has contributed significantly towards the advancement of hair restoration procedures.

What is the Robotic Hair Transplant procedure?

artas cocoonaThe new and advanced robotic hair transplant system is useful in making the process of follicular unit extraction (FUE) automated which allows for unparalleled accuracy in performing various successful hair transplant procedures.

There are various remarkable advantages of using the robotic hair transplant system for hair restoration, which makes it a comparatively more popular choice than other manual FUE and hair transplant methods.

The robotic hair transplant system involves a robotic arm attached with special hair extraction and recipient-site creation tools. This system also has a video imaging-mapping system controlled with an integrated and advanced computerized control panel.

The extraction instrument is a double-punch system, which has an inner (sharp) punch and an outer (dull) punch. The hair follicle unit harvesting procedure is performed using advanced image-mapping technology which allows for highest precision in hair extraction and also in preparing the recipient site for the harvested hair units.

This robotic hair transplant system is most efficient in locating and extracting the more dense follicular units only which saves the time as well as speeds us the extraction process. This robotic hair restoration system performs the same hair unit extraction task with perpetual precision thousands of times during the procedure with the same accuracy which is not possible with a manual hair follicle unit extraction method.

This robotic hair transplant system is also used to prepare the recipient -site for the cosmetic specialist to transplant the harvested hair follicle units as planned, with higher precision.

What are the benefits of the Robotic Hair Transplant procedure?

The conventional procedure for manually extracting thousands of hair follicle units (FUE) is a tiresome task that requires several sessions for extracting the desired number of hair follicle units. This task is made more difficult as the cosmetic surgeon has to visually estimate the number of hair follicle units to be extracted and then make perfectly-angled incisions hundreds of times to remove the hair follicle unit without damaging the scalp or the harvested hair follicle units.

The robotic hair transplant system decreases not only the time required to extract the hair follicle units, it also does this with increased efficiency and accuracy which significantly improves the quality of the hair transplant procedure.

This system also reduces the margin of error that may arise in a manual preparation of the recipient-site. This system makes perfectly-aligned tiny holes in the recipient site according to the parameters defined by the cosmetic surgeon (such as the angle of elevation of hair, direction the hair is growing, depth of the recipient site incision, average density and spacing as well as the total number of incisions required at the recipient site). These steps are performed with greater precision and accuracy than the manual procedure.

Robotics hair Transplant

This robotic hair transplant system is also efficient in identifying the particular follicular units with more hair density that results in the harvesting time becoming shorter and the process also becomes comparatively easier.

The robotic hair restoration system is one of the most advanced and highly-beneficial hair transplant system which handles the process of hair unit extraction as well preparing the recipient site with incomparable precision in a shorter period of time than that required for a manual hair transplant procedure.

Why choose Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation for Robotic Hair Transplant in Dubai?

People from all over the world visit the advanced and most high-tech Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation for getting the best, most efficient and most affordable robotic hair transplant procedure in India. This cosmetic-specialty facility is advanced and managed by the most-experienced cosmetic specialists. The Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation offers the most budget-friendly and efficient robotic hair transplant procedure in Dubai.

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