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What is Robotic Hair Transplant?

Robotic hair transplant is an ultra-modern hair transplant surgical technique which is increasingly becoming popular day by day. This is an advanced cosmetic surgical method to perform precise and effective hair transplant procedure using an extremely precise and efficient automatic robotic system.

The ARTAS ® Robotic system is widely used to perform an advanced version of the follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure, which was earlier done manually. The high precision offered by the robotic system is simply unparalleled.

What advantages does Robotic Hair Transplant have over traditional hair transplant?

Robotic Hair TransplantThe robotic hair transplant is performed by a complex system of surgical software and hardware which works on the pre-set commands of the cosmetic surgeon. Whereas in traditional hair transplant, such as in FUE, the surgeon has to manually harvest the donor hair by extracting them carefully and slowly with their follicle roots intact. Then the surgeon has to manually punch holes in a natural pattern in the scalp after which begins the slow and tedious process of actually transplanting the harvested hair in the punch holes.

Hence, the robotic hair transplant procedure has certain distinct advantages over traditional hair transplant, such as:

  • Better quality of hair follicle extraction
  • Improved results for hair transplant
  • Decreased donor hair harvesting time
  • Automated precise selection of the most dense hair follicles
  • Easier extraction of donor hair from the sides of the scalp
  • Better accuracy and speed in making punch holes for transplanting hair

How is Robotic Hair Transplant performed?

The robotic hair transplant procedure is one of the best hair transplant treatment options. This is a practically automated surgery using advanced computer terminals, connected with a robotic arm and a high resolution video monitor.

artas-harvesting-dubaiThe robotic hair transplant procedure usually begins with the surgeon administering anesthesia to prevent pain or discomfort during the procedure. Next, the surgeon will select the densest part of your scalp (usually at the sides) for harvesting the donor hair follicles. A small punch helps to create very small (around 1 mm) round holes around each hair follicle to be harvested. The robotic arm takes over the hair extraction process with enhanced precision and greater speed.

The next step involves the surgeon using the computer to determine the pattern of hair transplanting and begin the process of punching holes to create an ideal recipient site. The cosmetic surgeon then commands the robotic hair transplant to begin and the automatic process of transplanting the harvested hair follicles is taken over by the machine.

The robotic hair transplant procedure is one of the most popular in Dubai. Numerous people from abroad travel to the UAE to get the best robotic hair transplant in Dubai.

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