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Welcome to the City of Dubai !

With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and unbelievable luxury offering, Dubai ranks among the top tourism destinations around the world. It’s the hotspot of medical tourism as the city offers foreign clients quality health care at very reasonable rates and wonderful opportunities for rest and relaxation.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city yet only minutes from the business district, Cocoona Hair Transplant Clinic is strategically located at Umm Squeim Alwasal Road in Jumeirah, Dubai.


We help you make that important transformation. So you can face the world with greater confidence and greater trust in yourself. That is where we at Cocoona Hair transplant Clinic come in, we help you not just look, but feel confident inside out.

We serve you as your partner in this life-changing journey. From your initial appointment, succeeding consultations, medical procedures to follow-ups, you can be confident that you are in a safe hands.

Tailor-Fit Solutions

Your hair is what makes you stand out from crowd. A personal symbol of your style.  Hair Transplant can enhance a hairless person’s appearance and self-confidence.

Everyone deserves solutions for hair loss that matches his/her goals. At Cocoona Hair Transplant Clinic, we provide you with procedures that are best suited to address renew yourself. Everyone is different. At Cocoona Hair Transplant Clinic, we recognize the individualism of each of our patients.

First, we evaluate you physically. We make sure your candidacy for hair transplant and your perfect health. Being in best possible state of health means a safer hair transformation for you.

Second, we evaluate you mentally. Allowing you fully embrace who you once were and who you will become. Our friendly hair transplant expert will give you an honest advice and sound guidance, all the while making you feel absolutely comfortable in our premises.

The moment you step out our center, our connection doesn’t end there. Our doors will always be open for you. Cocoona Hair Transplant Clinic will remain a friend and a private confident. Your trust and the relationship you have started with us are built to last.


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